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on the ground sometime after the two security sweeps. investigators are unsure who was behind the deadly attack. the youngest of the three people killed, 8-year-old martin richard, standing with his family near the finish line of the boston marathon when one of the two bombs went off yesterday afternoon just seconds apart. his sister and mother, among the more than 175 injured when the devices detonated. it had metal pellets and ball bearings. many of the injuries being treated today in more than half a dozen boston hospitals are severe. >> they both lost a leg, below the -- below the knee.
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>> reporter: president obama has called it an act of terror but no person more group has claimed responsibility. there was a circuit board found, scouring through surveillance video and following up on the leads, many of them still coming in. >> we will find whoever harmed our citizens, and we mr. bring them to justice. >> reporter: flags are now ordered at half-staff, honoring those whose sense of security, was stolen along the sidelines. among those who lost their life a 29-year-old woman. crystal campbell was there to cheer on a frfnltd when they went to the hospital they were mistakenly told their daughter had survived. now back to you. >> all right.
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we were treat -- tweeting all the deadly details. you can find it anytime at abc2 under score alerts. erica brannic is a teacher here in towson. she is still in the icu in boston. she's on the right, her mom's on the left. her sis they are nicole and brother-in-law were both injured as well. we reached out to trinity children's center. they said we do understand she is stable but not able to be contacted at this time. our community will pass along appropriate updates. please pray for erica and her family. we had nearly 450 runners boston. they began to trickle back home. the runners, weary from the race and the emotional toll, flew
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into bwi. an er doctor had just finished his 13th boston marathon when the marathon went off. >> i would say sadly i'm -- i always had a feeling it wasn't a matter of if it would happen but more than when. it's a large event. it's very open to the public. there's no way of controlling everything that comes and goes. >> the doctor tried to get back to the finish line but first responders had already blocked off the area. >> it's taking the toll on some schoolchildren. jeff hager joins us with that story. >> reporter: the harford county school system canceled a number of field trips scheduled for today. the throip new york city's, bel air's to aberdeen proving ground
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and another one to washington, d.c. were put on hold as a precautionary measure. >> our chief of security reached out to the harford county sheriff's office just to seek some guidance and-- on what they were hearing so we could make some recommendations. the harford county sheriff's office recommended to us that out of an abundance of caution, given the fact that the bartow -- boston marathon incident was being sorted out, we decided to cancel. >> reporter: the system plans to review all out of state trips in the days to come until more information can come out of the boston marathon bombings. for the very latest information landslide show of foe cos, just head to
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abc2news/boston marathon. temperatures starting out in the upper 50s. got up to 72. frederick 75 this afternoon. right now temperatures are mostly into the 70s out to the south and west. cooler along the bay front. that's because of a southerly wind bringing in cooler air temperatures just off the water. so 62 around 11:00. there could be a late-day shower or thunderstorm. look how mild it stays. into the 60s, back into the 60s by lunchtime tomorrow and 72 tomorrow afternoon. look out to the south and west. severe thunderstorm watch. we'll have the details coming up. we have an update on the breaking news we brought you on twitter. a man working along charles street is dead. it happened just before 11:00. this one was terrible. joce sterman is here to tell us
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what happened. >> reporter: police are trying to figure out what happened. they know very little about the man who was killed. it was at the intersection of north charles and old willow way for a pedestrian who had been struck. the man was a lawn maintenance worker. he was working in what they call the transition hall lane when he was hit by a car. the victim was pronounced dead at the scene. police don't know who he is or how old he is. the driver was not identified, but they were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the accident happened now far from where physician ted houk was hit on his daily run in march. houk has been moved to a rehab facility to continue his recovery. we had tense moments in carroll county as the circuit
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court had to be evacuated after a call by the explosive device. the building was shut down to investigate, but it turned out to be a hoax. both courts canceled operations for today but are expected to be open tomorrow. we have an update into the investigation of a school resource officer who installed a camera in the boy's bathroom at glen burnie high school. the officer will not be charged. police said the camera, which was found by a student, just weeks ago was never used to record video or had any sound. best rang out this morning
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at exactly 9:30. this is mark the sixth nerksz six -- anniversary, six years since the deadly shooting at virginia tech. a state of emergency has been declared in parts of iran after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake hit there. buildings shook for more than half a minute. witnesses said they felt tremors throughout the gulf region. we will show you what the theme is doing to step up security. >> and they're the team who rushed in to help after the bombs went off. they helped confront the injured and save lives. >> and it gave us all the headaches, when your baby was born and now could be contributing to headaches.
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the lasting effects.
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we all need a good neat's sleep but so many disstrablghts. iphone -- distraction. iphone over here but we have more on how we can wind down. >> reporter: it seems harder and harder to get a good night's rest. there are many things preventing you from unplug. >> it really does stimulate your brain. it makes this harder. >> reporter: everyone should try to go to bed the same time every day with the goal of getting seven to nine hours a night. >> try to keep your room dark. another thing you can do is get rid of the tv's out of the
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bedrooms. it can keep you awake. >> reporter: if something on your mind is keeping you awake, it's good to keep a note pad. >> we obsess about it because we don't want to forget that keeps us from falling asleep. if you write it down, it helps you to get it out of your mind. >> reporter: when eating dinner avoid sugar or caffeinated drinks or alcohol. if you exercise, don't wait until the end of the day. >> you want to exercise toward the beginning of the day because it stimulates you. >> reporter: tips to keep in mind to help you unwind for a good night's rest. linda sporks abc2 -- so, abc2 news. >> no more midnight runs, mike masco. if you don't get a good night's sleep you could have
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chronic sleep problems. there's a popular dietary stimulant known as dmaa. it's advertised as a way to help you drop pounds fast are but it chan lead to high blood pressure, shortness of breath, chest tightening, even heart attacks. there have been 87 reported incidents. colic. oh, man. my baby had it. had to give them gripe juice. put him on top of a washer. that never helped. colic could lead to other health problems. researchers studied 200 children and found 70% die diagnosis -- diagnosed with migraines had colic as babies. >> they compared this group of migraine teenagers, to a group
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of tension type and it was higher in the migraine group but not the tension headache. >> children with parents who suffered from migraines are more likely to develop colic. parents who have children with severe colic should head to the doctor to rule out migraines. researchers said live music appears to have positive health effects on preemies and their parents. singing a lullaby also qualifies. the same benefits aren't there if you sing something from theipod. >> some of those studies are overstimulating their children. there's too many melodies, sounds and rhythms and it can
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age state neonatal infant -- it can age -- age state -- agitate neonatal infants. >> lullly byes can ease stress and give you a time top bond with your baby. >> started off with the clouds and the temperatures into the 60s and a southeast wind kicked it back down. pretty mild. got up to 75 degrees in parts of frederick and carroll county. here comes that brilliant blue sky looking toward the hard rock cafe. things are looking good, feeling good at 72 at the airport. dew point also at 55 but that southeasterly wind skiing the bay front communities cooler.
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the reason being is that bay temperature right now at 59 degrees. so 72. that's what we made it to today at bwi. normally should be around 65. the record set last year hit 90 degrees on that date. here are the numbers. we're into the 60s along the bay community, pasadena, down toward annapolis and centerville. 75 out toward frederick. 71 in ham sted. we're uniformly into the 70s. notice on the satellite picture starting to clear things out. we'll keep it a mixture. it's a pair of sixes, 62. there could be a late night shower or thunderstorm, especially north and west of the state. i'll show you where they are. tomorrow as we wake up to a temperature around 60, we'll get into the 60s tomorrow and close in on 70. here's maryland's most powerful radar. nothing going on but out to the
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west, western parts of pennsylvania into ohio, there are some big old thunderstorms firing up. we'll see if these hold and maintain going over the mown tas. carroll county toward frederick county could be a gust thunderstorm. the reason for the thunderstorms, is this cold front out to the west. this is slowly pushing to the south and east. that's going to be the deal for the next 24 hours. this front on top of us means we'll stay kind of cool and clouds will be part of the forecast going into tomorrow afternoon. 72 in town. we are so, so close to this real mild hair to the south-- air to the south. if we can switch that wind direction to a southerly direction we'll get into mild air. i think this will happen thursday into friday. tonight really mild. lots of clouds and watch this cold front overnight. it will cross the state, could trigger a shower, even a thunder
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shower. then it's hung up to the south of the city. what it will do is keep the clouds in place and we'll struggle to get to the 70, 70-degree mark. here's radar and temperatures, 6 a.m. keeping in mind we're mild, still into the 60s, maybe a shower going into the day on wednesday. look how mild this gets as we get into the day on thursday. 77 to 80 degrees. that is the mild air that will lock into thursday and friday. 60 for tonight. we could see a thunderstorm north of the city. tomorrow 72 degrees, a shower possible. this time around south of the city. the forecast going into wednesday night stays mild with the temperature around 55. so here is your exclusive seven-day forecast. 72 with a couple of showers. thursday is the pick of the week. 75 degrees. friday is not bad either. we'll start off with sunshine
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and late in the day there's going to be a cold front that could bring in showers, gusty thunderstorms. we'll talk more about that coming up at 5:30. all right. we've got sad breaking news out of dallas. the voice of the nfl pat somerral has passed away. someral retired after the 2002 season. he was a master with a lack of words. he worked along with john madden. dead at the age of 82. two men waving guns around in a restaurant. they should be taken to jail, right? these two weren't. >> a man was set on fire while sitting in his suv.
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two arkansas men are seen drawing their guns at a local restaurant. they are off duty officers, at the time. witness feel the men got off the hook. we're getting newly released video of a train crash that sent seven people to the hospital. the suv crashed into the houston metro crane. all the injuries were non-life-threatening. the driver of the suv was cited for making an illegal turn. a california man dhies from his injuries after being set on fire. he was sitting inside his suv when someone threw a flammable
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liquid inside the car. police arrested a homeless man, but no motive. first responders were called on to make an unusual rescue in pennsylvania. they pulled a trapped horse from a creek. the horse and rider got stuck in the water. the rescue crew took 45 member to get them out. after what happened in boston, the entire country is stepping up security. we go live to camden yards. >> how does baltimore protect its people going forward. >> and in the middle of kay cross and crisis, they stepped up. we'll meet heroes of the boston marathon bombings. >> i'm mike masco, a toasty 75, but look at this storm out to the west, rock 'n roll in our direction. we'll be right back.
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the bombings in boston is changing plans for harford county schools. trips to new york city, aberdeen proving ground, washington, d.c. all on head. a deadly crash on charles street claimed the life of lap landscaper. the car was traveling north on hold willow way and it struck a worker who was blowing leaves. he was struck dead at the scene. the driver and passengers were taken to the hospital with minor injuries. the officer accused of placing cameras in a high school bathroom will not be charged. they said no criminal laws were violated at glen burnie. police determined the device did
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not record, tran ferp any -- transfer any images or sound. cooler down to the south and east of the city, around the bay bridge 67, 68 degrees. that is because the winds are switching more. radar is clear. we had one little lone storm over allegany county, but that has kiss -- dissipated. 60 waking up, could be a couple showers tomorrow afternoon. 72 by your day on wednesday. notice the showers out to the west. we'll have to address that. some of them could come in our direction. all right. we just got word that the president will be going up to boston on thursday. there will be an interfaith service in boston. he will be there. no motive, no suspects. investigators are collecting and poring over every piece of thidence.

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